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Skin Territory


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Cutting edge Probiotic-infused Skincare

The Skin Territory Difference

Real people, Real results

Bae and Bestie Bundle | Probiotic Skincare | Skin Territory

Innovative Probiotic Skincare

Why Probiotics?

Skin Territory harnesses the power of skin microbiome and the complex ecosystem research to Skincare. Modern living environments have triggered imbalances in pH, overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria and inflamed stressed skin.

Topical probiotics can assist with: 

  • Supporting skin immunity & gatekeeps inflammatory triggers such as Redness and Acne
  • Filters good bacteria vs. bad bacteria 
  • Improves skin moisture content & strengthens skin barriers
  • Balances pH & protects against free-radical damage caused by harsh environments
  • Suited to all skin types including those with Sensitive skin & Rosacea 

Press Features and Awards

International Award Winning Clay Mask