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Dual-end Applicator Brush

Sale price$14.99

Double the glow, half the size!

dual-use applicator brush that is perfect for obtaining product in a hygienic way for a more precise and targeted application. No more messy fingers or product wastage, this multi-use applicator can be used for applying liquid, cream or gel textures alike.

    Dual-end Applicator Brush | Applicator Brush | Skin Territory
    Dual-end Applicator Brush Sale price$14.99

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Megan A
    Feels so luxurious!!

    This applicator brush has elevated my skincare routine to a whole new level. The gentle touch of the bristles on my skin feels like a pampering spa treatment. It ensures an even and smooth application of my masks, making every self-care moment indulgent and effective.

    Aleisha D
    Mess-free and clean

    I used to dread applying masks because of the mess it left on my hands and sink. But with this brush, application has become a clean and enjoyable process. It minimizes product wastage and keeps my hands free from the mask, making cleanup a breeze.

    Alora W
    Heavy on the hygiene!!!!!!

    Hygiene is paramount in skincare, and this brush ensures that my masks stay free from contamination. The easy-to-clean bristles make maintaining the brush a breeze, guaranteeing that each application is a clean and safe experience.

    Mariah T
    Less wastage which is perfect for me

    This brush not only provides a smooth application but also helps me use less product. The bristles allow for better control, ensuring I don't overapply. It's a smart investment that pays off in terms of both product longevity and time saved during application.

    Isabella F
    The applicator of your dreams baby!!

    Say see ya later to the residue face mask under your nails after application because the applicator is a bloody god send!! Its soft as and yet feels so luxe, cuts applying time in half and seriously elevated the self care experience. Skin is so soft after using the mask so all in all, its a damn winner.

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