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Luxurious Bathrobe

Sale price$79.99

Level up your routine and wrap yourself in unmatched comfort with our Luxurious Bathrobes

A self-care routine isn’t complete without a dressing gown! The Skin Territory® luxurious bathrobe is a well-designed classic yet contemporary style gown with a shawl collar. Featuring an open front tie fastening and two generously sized pockets, this gown is perfect for relaxed mornings or for getting cosy on the couch after a long day. Generous size fits most.

    Luxurious Bathrobe | Gown With A Shawl Collar | Skin Territory
    Luxurious Bathrobe Sale price$79.99

    Cotton fibres can hold water 24–27 times their own weight as they’re are strong, dye absorbent and can stand up against abrasion wear and high temperature.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Cherri D
    Very luxurious for the price

    This bathrobe isn't just a garment; it's an embodiment of self-care. Its touch is a reminder to treat my skin and myself with kindness. Using it has become a therapeutic ritual that I look forward to every day.

    Nastasha G
    Busy mum of 3

    As a busy mum of three, everytime I put this on post-shower I just feel that needed sense of relaxation and relief before coming back to reality

    Annette A
    Oasis at home

    Putting on this bathrobe instantly transports me to a spa-like oasis. Its luxurious texture and absorbent nature make it the perfect robe to enhance my post-bathing skincare routine. It helps me maintain that dewy, just-moisturized feeling while I wind down.

    Candice S
    Perfect for tanning

    I fake tan during the winter and I used this on a whim! Washing it the next day was such a breeze, no stains whatsoever and the fact that it stayed white, I feel a lot more luxurious when I put it on!

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